Luxury home on a steep block:  Another new house on the side of a steeply sloping hill, the owners required this house to be as high out of ground as possible to take advantage of the ocean views over the trees.  The home also needed to be zoned for various family occasions with regular visitors from overseas.  A billiard room, media room, kids family room and a parents retreat combined with a glass edge swimming pool help make this house design feel like a resort.  Read More


Our Ecovillage Design, 2009 Award Winner: To design and construct a home that showcases my design style and reflects what I’m capable of to our clients. Our home is located in the multi award winning “ Ecovillage” in Currumbin Valley. The Ecovillage is Australia’s Best Sustainable Development having won over 25 Industry and Government Awards and recently awarded the International Real Estate Federation’s highest award the Prix d’Excellence.   Read More


Curves Residence, 2016 Award Winner: To provide a 3 bedroom home on 2 levels with a 2 car garage, a secure space for a camper trailer, a small swimming pool, modern but timeless design principles. It needs to be warm in winter and cool in summer.   Read More

  Major Renovation, 2008 Award Winner: The existing residence consisted of a 1970’s, 2 storey fibro residence with closer than the usual council setbacks which is common amongst older homes in the area. We decided it would be best to renovate rather than detonate so that we could keep those setbacks and also allow for sustainability, recycling all the usable materials.  The owners wanted to capitalise on the location 100 metres from the beach and have a design custom suited to their beach house lifestyle incorporating sustainable principles that our practice has a reputation for.... Read More
  Contemporary House Design, Award Winner: This 3 storey house is perched on the side of a very steep hill.  Designed to touch the earth lightly due to being in a landslip area, I used a suspended concrete slab for the garage floor and lightweight timber construction elsewhere all on piled footings.  Even tho' the site was excessively steep I managed to design a very contemporary crisp pool attached to the side of the house and is incorporated as a main feature...  Read More
  Modern Home Designs: In this gallery you will find an assorted set of my designs in various stages of completion:  From not yet started 3D work,  Solar Penetration diagrams, Homes under construction,  Various finished homes and duplex's and units, ecov....     Read More

Steep Land Home Design, 2014 Award Winner: This contemporary style multi level home is nestled into the side of a very steep hill.  So close to the beach to be an easy stroll yet surrounded by bush and in total privacy.  Constructed largely of insitu concrete and glass offset with highlights of hardwood chamferboard to provide warmth and tie the building in with it's natural surroundings. Read More


Resort Style House Design, 2015 Award Winner: This multi award winning home was designed for 3 generations of the one family to all be able to live together. Set high on gently sloping hill overlooking the Gold Coast from Surfers to Fingal and Cook Island, it needed to be open to the views yet still maintain privacy between the families.  They wanted pavilion style pyramid roofs and for this reason I felt resort style would be a suitable solution.  A wrap around pool and......      Read more

  Interior Design:  This portion of the gallery shows various shots of interiors that I have designed or designed along with the owners as a team effort.  I also use the services of outside consultants upon request and some of their work is illustrated too.   Read More

Sustainable House Designs: Copper cladding to the front facade sets this home apart from the rest.  As this house had no overhangs to protect the walls, copper was a low maintenance choice that will handle the weather for another 200 or more years without requiring painting or any maintenance.  The copper sheeting being just 0.7mm thick it is still considered a sustainable material not requiring chemical upkeep and being totally recyclable at the end of the homes day and lasting forever...  Read more

Award Winning House Design: The clients and owners Landmatters Pty Ltd, developers of “The Ecovillage” in Currumbin Valley, wanted an exemplary residence that showcases World’s Best Practice in sustainable design and living, and create Australia’s most sustainable residence. A co-operative design effort resulted in a multi award winning and much published home. This home has become part of the Qld Sustainable Homes Program and...    Read More


Eco House: I designed this home with 2 balconies - a public balcony in the shape of the bow of a ship, complete with gangplank and anchor, the lower portion of steel in the shape of a bow wave. The other a private balcony with in built bench seats creates a resort style atmosphere. The main “Engine room” of this house is a wall of rammed earth down the spine of the ship which is warmed by highlight louvre windows. Once again this has many sustainable features including...    Read More

  Rammed Earth House:  This design was a team effort with well known Landscape Design and Construct team "Eco Garden Shop".  As such their home needed to relate well to the garden and to reflect their life's work.  A good building designer always designs a home with the garden form and function in mind and a good Landscape designer always designs a garden with the views and function of the house in mind.  Read more
  Pavilion Residence: The owners wanted gables to the front of their home. Not being happy with just a standard gable I designed cantilevered curved roof iron to the gable ends adding an organic touch. Backed up with chunky recycled hwd feature work and touches of copper for durability.  Read More

Gold Coast Renovation Duplex Design 2005 Award Winner: Beach side of the highway near Currumbin Bird Sanctuary, this was an old fibro house with a small one bed apartment.  The owners wanted to make the most of their site and renovate it into a modern duplex. The flat was demolished and replaced with a 3 storey townhouse duplex to make the most of a limited site.  I designed feature western red cedar to give the facade some warmth...   Read more

  Rural House Design: This home has a polished concrete floor combined with rammed earth blade walls for it’s thermal mass heating system.
Recycled hardwood decks are curved to carry on the organic feel to the home.  Read more
  Chinese Ecovillage Design: Here are some samples of a presentation to Chinese diplomats in Dayi.  I was part of the design team led by the Late Chris Walton along with Gerard McCormick from Cardno's to design 2 large Ecovillages and a high tech sustainable industrial park.  The bid was successful securing the client access to hundreds of acres of prime development land. The design involved a multi disciplinary team brainstorming the best possible solution to win over a group of... Read More
  Lightweight Construction Sales Centre: A simple structure of recycled hardwood post and rail system bolted to a recycled steel sub-floor structure. I designed two ultra thin gently sloping Ritek skillion roofs over the structure to achieve that floating sensation. Bi-fold timber and glass doors combined with louvre windows opens the house up to magnificent ocean and valley views.  A plain back wall to the south for architects display purposes doesn’t block the ventilation or light due to low level awning windows and high level polycarbonate.   Read more