Modern Home Designs

  • This gallery contains a wide range of my house and apartment designs, some in 3D format and some not complete yet and some homes recently completed that I add along the way.  You will see some black and white solar penetration 3D’s here that show where the sun hits the house and enters windows.  What looks to be identical 3d’s, if you look closely you will see that one has a lot more shade than the others do.  The ones in shade are the summer 3D’s taken at 21st Dec midday and the 3D’s with sun penetrating the windows are taken at 22nd June midday.  That’s what the ideal building design result is and what I strive for.  This is a very helpful tool to ascertain potential hot spot areas in your house design.  If sun is getting through the windows in summer it is going to need some shading device.
  • You will also see other 3D work of homes that haven’t been built yet and some photo’s of houses that are under construction.  Please note the wide range of architecture styles we produce in this office.  We can do anything and pride ourselves in being at the forefront of modern contemporary architecture styles.