Interior Design

This portion of the gallery shows various shots of interiors that I have designed or designed along with the owners as a team effort.  I also use the services of outside consultants upon request and some of their work is illustrated too.

You will see that I often use a palette of natural materials:  Rammed earth, plywood linings, stained hardwoods, ventilation shutters.  I have found from experience that these materials are easier to live with for longer periods without the need for expensive renovations or re-painting a couple of years down the track.  It’s great to avoid the use of standard plasterboard finishes as well when possible.

However we can do any style, as you will see when you look through our gallery of projects that my personal architecture style varies to suit the needs of the owner.  I listen to what you want and design what you want, so if you need something way out and funky, lets do it.