Award Winning House Design

  • Award – 2008 National HIA Greensmart “Building of the Year”!
  • Award – 2008 Nth Rivers / Gold Coast HIA , Most Sustainable Home
  • Award – 2008 HIA State Award Best Energy Efficient House of the Year
  • Award – 2008 BDAQ Regional Building Design Award Winner

The Brief

The clients and owners Landmatters Pty Ltd, Developers of “The Ecovillage” in Currumbin Valley, wanted an exemplary residence that showcases World’s Best Practice in sustainable design and living, and create Australia’s most sustainable residence. A co-operative design effort resulted in a multi award winning and much published home. This home has become part of the Qld Sustainable Homes Program and was operated in Partnership with the Qld. Government Dept. of Public Works and Housing.  The house won a National Award as Building of the Year and was competing against $10m homes.  An unusual style of architecture, unorthodox materials like rockwork and recycled materials combined with thoughtful sustainable principles helped set this home apart from the rest.

The Vision

To improve residential construction and architecture by conceiving and implementing innovative design and building components. To test, monitor and improve building innovation and design throughout building occupation. To demonstrate “affordable” sustainable design and living.

The Solution

This has been achieved by utilising sustainable design strategies addressing the following areas:
  • Energy use – 1.5kW Photovoltaics, Energy efficient lighting and appliances, Ecovision – Intelligent Monitoring Control System, House design orientation, Solar Hot Water, etc etc. A Ritek Building Solutions roofing system provides an R3 rating. Protherm insulation to walls.
  • Embodied Energy – 80% Recycled materials incl. timber, steel stumps, vanities, kitchen, etc. Locally produced products including stonework, insulation.
  • Water use – Entirely self sufficient. All black and gray water treated and recycled for toilets and garden.
  • Affordability – The house was built for approx. $250,000 on land less than $200,000 in 2007.
  • Toxicity – All water delivery is in HDPE piping (no PVC). Low VOC paints, EO boards instead of melamine, Natural materials instead of synthetic, No CCA treated timber.