Chinese Ecovillage Design

International Designs

Our firm doesn’t hesitate to work internationally.  These days with fast internet, skype and the best architectural 3D software it’s easy to work on international projects.  Flights are cheap, so combined with our competitive pricing it will work out to be more cost effective to use us to design your dream project than to use your expensive local architects. Whether you are based in China, Fiji, New Caledonia or Papua New Guinea I am an enthusiastic traveler and would love to work on your overseas project whether it be an Ecovillage, Eco Resort, standard resort or exceptional house design.  It’s best to have at least 1 meeting on site so I can visualise what will be suitable for the site and surrounding architecture styles, but I am happy to visit more if required.  The rest can be handled with 3D images over the internet.

The Brief

To design two clusters of Ecovillages and a large Eco High Tech Park in Dayi province China, adjacent to Ancient Town an old tourist town in north west of China. The client needed concept plans of New Ecovillages amongst an existing rural setting incorporating farmland and existing farm houses.

The Solution

Our proposal sought to provide for two different concepts – Traditional Chinese style Architecture in the eastern portion and modern contemporary style in the west.  It was an international team effort led by the late Chris Walton Developer of the Ecovillage, Gerard McCormick of Cardno’s and myself.

In the East we chose to retain the existing farmhouses where possible and renovate to a suitable standard so as not to displace existing families.  Dotted amongst the existing rural farmhouses would be new homes that incorporate the more traditional style Chinese Architecture to fit in with the theme that exists in the adjacent Ancient Town.

In the West we chose to set a benchmark of contemporary style Architecture of a high standard, the site being surrounded by a beautiful river and majestic cliffs. Also included would be resort facilities, Ecohouse/ Short stay accomodation, Eco Homes / Agriculture, Health retreats and Eco Resorts.

All areas would be restored with native fauna and flora.  Displacement of locals would be kept to a minimum and they would be included in the initial consultations.  Total minimum area of the sites was over 400ha.

The bid was very successful, receiving a standing ovation from the 20+ gathering of local officialdom and the client won the tender for the project.