Architectural Services

Brief preparation – We meet and discuss in great detail what you require, your expectations of the design process, timeframes, function, budget, and lifestyle needs, preferred styles of architecture, thoughts on spaces and values, sizes and preferred location of rooms.
Site analysis – Going on site and inspecting first hand major features and getting a feel for the space and views. Obtaining a contour survey plan, vegetation, traffic, bushfire, flood, energy flow and feel are all accounted for.
Sketch design – The creation of design options in pencil format, followed by consultation and refinement with client input towards the preferred design option.
Building the computer model - This entails placing all elements in the floor plan that then generates a 3D model complete with colours and textures.
DA Planning applications – Preparation of drawings, documents, models and reports for Development Approval or for funding and marketing purposes.
BA Planning applications – Preparation of plans, documents and reports for Building Approval purposes. We ensure compliance with Australian standards and Building Codes (BCA), OH&S and other legislation. Gathering of other consultants reports and documents ie Engineering, Soils Report, Bushfire report, Energy Assessment, Waste Water Report etc.
Contract documentation and Detailing – Preparation of contract drawings based on the completed design, including coordination of structural drawings and detailing for building approvals, tender and construction purposes.  Preparation of colour schedules, finishes, design detail and problem solving using non-toxic and sustainable materials.  

Additional Services

Contract administration – Administering the documents to builders, overseeing the building process, coordinating builders and consultants, and budget monitoring. The list below outlines additional services we offer as stand-alone advice or in addition to typical services.  We often provide specialist support, integration and advice on an 'as needed' basis, covering such areas as sustainability, planning and design, problem solving, materials and finishes etc.
Landscape Design – Preparation of Basic Landscape Design by our team (not including plant selection) or we can recommend other Landscape Designers.
Master planning – Creation of integrated landscape, infrastructure and building designs for individual houses, eco villages, eco resorts, schools, farms and communities.  Includes coordination of the master plan process with clients, user groups, landscape designers, engineers and other consultants. Preparation of staged master plan drawings and reports.
Model making – Construction of 3D models or physical models where required.  For further information on 3D models please refer to "the process" section of this website.


The documentation that is produced is to a very high standard.  Attention to detail and more than the usual documentation on each section enables builders, estimators and other contractors specific notes to enable accurate pricing without delays. Through precise structural detailing of a plan, virtually all problems are eliminated before use on site. The main advantage is that quality documentation enables a client to save thousands of dollars.  Many builders state that our plans are the best they've ever seen.  Testimonial  "Iv'e found the plans from Will Collins Design office to be the best I've ever used.  They are clear, accurate and easy to read with all the necessary dimensions and notes to make it simple and easy for our building team and tradesmen to understand enabling an efficient building process.  Combined with his new 3D moving models that I can use on my laptop we know exactly what's going on.  It takes the guess work out of it that we so often find with other peoples plans".


The architectural software we use is ʻArchicadʼ, one of the most advance systems in use today. Itʼs capabilities include fly-through movies, 3d perspectives and birds eye views. This allows a project to be experienced before any building even starts. In searching out the best system on offer, we've found a thoroughly successful system, for both client and designer. Archicad creates exciting possibilities in graphics and visualisation, and this means a superior end result.  We now have extra software enabling you to view this model from any angle from the comfort of your home.  We are constantly staying up to date with the latest software always using the latest upgrade.  Our Artlantis software helps produce accurate realistic renders that show colours and beautiful textures as you would see them live.